PGM Men Golf Clubs Set Adjustable angle and interchangeable shaft professional Golf Sports sets Men's Right Handded MTG017

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style: 12 golden clubs+1 bag(R)carbon
Precio de oferta$1,399.00

product description:
Name: NSR Second Generation Men's Set Rod
Color: gold, black
Specifications: 3 wood rods + 7 irons + 1 putter + 1 iron wood + golf bag (a total of 12 + golf bag)
1. The loft angle of the driver can be adjusted and the rod can be changed. Adjust the right angle of the club head according to your needs.
2. The 30-carbon shaft with a light weight of about 55g is light and stable, soft and accurate, making you easy to use and hit the ball far.
3. The driver is made of 8-1-1-1 cast titanium, 0.86 high rebound, 20-30 yards farther than the first one.
4. Equipped with a microfiber telescopic ball bag, its wear resistance and durability are much higher than that of commonly used nylon telescopic ball bags, highlighting the temperament and taste.


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