About Us

PGM Golf, a brand under Yibang Golf Supplies Co., Ltd. in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, specializes in the design, production, and sales of all types of golf equipment
PGM has a production base in Guangdong with a total area of over 50000 square meters and a research and development team composed of over 50 professional technical personnel. We have established a golf assembly workshop, a golf cart workshop, a clothing workshop, a shoe workshop, a green workshop, a lawn workshop, an electronic supplies area, and a packaging and shipping area. The production lines of various categories have developed synchronously, providing the public with systematic golf professional equipment.
PGM introduces production equipment, establishes a quality management system, and integrates equipment and quality control throughout all stages of production; Establish a professional R&D design team that considers both popularity and humanization in product design; Fast updates, launching different new products every month to meet the diverse product needs of golf enthusiasts
PGM has quickly become one of the most popular new brands in the golf market in the United States, Europe, and Australia, and our commitment to innovation and tranquility in golf courses has attracted golf enthusiasts.
Our journey begins with a clear vision: to enhance the golf experience by addressing the common issue of noise generated by carrying golf bags while walking. We realize that excessive noise and interference can disrupt the attention of golfers and disrupt the tranquility of the game. To overcome this challenge, we are working on developing a solution to change the rules of the game.
With unremitting dedication, we have launched the Silent Golf Bag - a revolutionary concept that has changed the way golfers enjoy this sport. Our expert team has carefully designed all aspects of the design to provide a truly noise free experience, allowing golfers to swing in perfect tranquility. There is no more interference, only pure focus and the fun of the game.
But innovation has not stopped there. We understand the importance of protecting golf equipment, especially precious golf clubs. Our silent golf bag not only eliminates bag noise, but also uses advanced technology to protect the club from impact and damage. This increased safety and sense of reassurance allows golfers to fully enjoy their game without worrying about the condition of their valuable equipment.
At PGM Golf, we are steadfast in our pursuit of excellence. Our silent golf bag not only ensures a noise free experience, but also provides ample storage space for all golf essentials. Our innovative design ensures that all items, from clubs to gloves, balls, etc., are securely stored and within reach.
PGM Golf is popular among golfers across the United States and has become synonymous with excellent quality and innovative solutions. Through rigorous testing and meticulous design processes, we have established a reputation in providing products that golfers can trust.
As we continue to break through the boundaries of innovation, we still thank the golfers for their support and trust in our brand. We are proud to listen to the needs of golfers, constantly strive to improve, and bring more exciting products and services to the market.
Experience the tranquility and excellence that PGM Golf brings to your game. Join us on this extraordinary journey, redefining the golf experience through innovation, quality, and unwavering dedication to our customers.
Welcome to PGM Golf - the golf course here blends tranquility and excellence.
Contact us  E-mail: support@pgm-golf.com