PGM Women Golf Bag Colorful Expansion TPU Waterproof Four-wheel Flat Push Air Consignment Bags Dust-proof Rain Cover Gift QB122

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Color: White
Sale price$399.00

Name: Seven-color expansion bag
Brand: PGM
Item No.: QB122
Material: Seven-color TPU waterproof
Capacity: can hold 13 clubs
Weight: about 5.5kg
Product size: 127*36*31CM
Packing size: 92*40*29CM
Color: seven colors, black
product description
1. Double ball cap design, equipped with soft ball cap, to meet various needs
2. Patented telescopic ball cap Patent number: ZL 2016 2 0325566.6
3. Flat push universal four-wheel, easy to push, flexible to change direction, quiet and wear-resistant
4. Waterproof TPU coating, new waterproof technology, not afraid of rain and snow weather
5. Multipurpose retractable ball cap for storing small accessories
6. Distribute dust and rain cover


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