PGM Men Golf Clubs Sets Beginners Full Golf Titanium Rod G300 Generation Right Handded MTG025

  • This is a customized product that requires waiting for 30-40 working days to receive the goods after purchase
style: 12 clubs+1 bag (R level)carbon
Sale price$899.00

product description:
Name: G300 Series Men's Rod Set
color: blue
Specifications: 3 wood rods + 7 irons + 1 putter + 1 iron wood + golf bag (a total of 12 + golf bag)
Titanium One Wood (2041) One-piece CNC Milling 65g High Elastic Carbon Shaft Stainless Steel Iron Set
Microfiber telescopic bag: The wear resistance and durability are much higher than the commonly used nylon telescopic bag of PGM, which highlights the temperament and taste.


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