PGM Golf Putting Green Family Practicing Portable Putting Mini Practice Exercises Blanket Kit Mat Indoor Training GL012

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Color: Yellow
Sale price$159.00

Name: Portable version of golf simulation green / artificial green / golf putter
Specifications: 97cm * 300cm [width]
Weight: about 3.5KG
Item: GL012
Size: Green grass height: 10mm, the bottom plate has a slope design, and the thickness is 3cm
Storage: small storage space, can be rolled up for storage, washable,
Material of the bottom plate: The bottom plate is EVA high-resilience rubber
Slope effect: gentle slopes are more natural and smooth, and more solid on the greens
Use of the product helps: Put the golf ball on the practice blanket at an appropriate distance from the hole and hit the ball with the club.
Product-related knowledge points: The slope setting is used to increase the difficulty of practice. The gentle slope is more natural and smooth.



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